2016 WWP EN Mapping Report

In 2016, WWP EN started a project focussed on this. We set up a working group of 6 people from WWP EN member organisations from Italy, Bulgaria, Albania, UK, Sweden, Austria and our colleagues at Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).

Using information from past Daphne projects, the group developed a questionnaire which asked about how organisations dealt with the following issues:

  • (ex)partner support;
  • how the programme ensures victim safety in practical ways and
  • links between organisations and other sectors.

The questionnaire was sent out to WWP EN members and also offered to non-members.

In an amazing response, 26 services replied (23 of them WWP EN members) and gave us lots of interesting information about the way they worked. The results were analysed by the working group and Atila Uligaj, Natalia Batenkova, and Nina George compiled the below report.

In 2017, the working group used the responses to further develop guidelines and give seminars on good practice.

You can download the full mapping report here.

Last changed: 08.03.2018