Responsible Together 2020

Responsible Together 2020: Together against cyber violence

Cyber violence (or: digital violence, tech-facilitated abuse) against women and girls is an emerging global problem, with 73% of women worldwide experiencing some form of cyber violence.

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Why should you care?

Women and girls are disproportionately targeted by gender-based cyber violence. Researchers and activists have reported that COVID-19 has exacerbated gender-based cyber violence.

Often digital violence is a continuation of violence perpetrated offline. Abusive partners can use cyber violence to extend their offline abuse and control every aspect of their partner’s life. Cyber violence prevents women and girls from accessing the internet, and causes physical, psychological, economic and social harm.

What needs to change and what can you do?

EU Member States must find a consensus on what constitutes gender-based digital violence and how it should be pursued. Law enforcement must then receive the training, resources and mandate to pursue this violence effectively.

Additionally, the public must learn about digital violence and ways of stopping it. Greater awareness will enable victimised women and girls to recognize cyber violence and seek support. Everybody must understand that digital violence is “real” violence with very serious consequences.

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