Responsible Together 2021

Responsible Together 2021: Ending gender-based violence in ALL communities

Migration-specific stressors and issues require specialised interventions against intimate partner violence.

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Why should you care?

Many perpetrator programmes still need to develop the tools or knowledge to handle the complex and intersecting challenges of working with men from diverse migrant backgrounds.

They need to:

  • Contact local communities or organisations working with them.
  • Develop services in additional languages.
  • Learn about legal rights and problems of survivors and perpetrators without permanent residency in their host countries.
  • Address their own biases that keep them from effectively working with migrant men.
  • Train facilitators in trauma-informed responses & cultural sensitivity.

What needs to change?

In the past years, discussions about migration have become increasingly undifferentiated, racist and discriminating. Racism and discrimination are forms of violence that many migrants from marginalised communities experience daily.

These prejudices permeate the systems that should support survivors and intervene against violence. They have negative impacts on interventions against violence:

  • Violence against women is culturalised and perpetrators are not referred to programmes, because "it's their culture".
  • Women are afraid to come forward with their experiences because they do not want to confirm racist biases.
  • Survivors do not report violence because the system keeps treating them like second-class humans or because they have experienced violence at the hands of the police.
  • Perpetrators use the uncertain residence status of their partners to control and abuse them because their countries of residence will deport them if they leave their abusers.