Basics of working with child sexual offenders

Learn to protect children from sexual abuse

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Learn How To

  • Distinguish between different categories of child sexual abuse
  • Understand different typologies of sexual abusers and their limitations
  • Do risk assessment for sexual offenders
  • Develop treatment plans

Training Agenda

Session 1: Exploring understandings of sexual abuse

  • Learn about different categories of sexual offences
  • Understand the complexity of sexual offending

Session 2: Sexual abusers-between misconception and reality Part 1

  • Identify your own bias on sexual offending
  • Learn about typologies of sexual abusers and their limitations

Session 3: Sexual abusers-between misconception and reality Part 2

  • Learn about gender-related factors in offending
  • Explore findings on female sexual offending and learn about treatment needs

Session 4: Child sexual abuse

  • Learn about child sexual abuse and key characteristics of sexual abusers based on existing typologies
  • Learn about prevention methods and treatment of child sexual abusers

Session 5: Juvenile sex crimes

  • Learn how to distinguish between problematic and harmful sexual behaviour among children and teens
  • Understand the differences between adult sexual abusers and juveniles

Session 6: Internet-facilitated sexual abuse

  • Explore different types of online child abuse and exploitation
  • Learn about intersections of online child sexual abuse and trafficking

Session 7: Treatment models in theory and in practice

  • Understand existing good models of treatment of child sexual offenders
  • Learn about risk assessment for sexual offenders

Session 8: Treatment of sex offenders and child sexual offenders in practice

  • Learn how to develop treatment plans
  • Understand key elements and challenges of treating child sexual offenders in practice

The Course

Combating and preventing child sexual abuse is one of the most underdeveloped areas of perpetrator work. Working with sexual offenders is one of two types of programmes highlighted in Art. 16 of the Istanbul Convention, stating that countries that ratify the Convention will take “measures to set up or support treatment programmes aimed at prevention perpetrators, in particular sex offenders, from re-offending”. However, it is clear that professionals and organisations need further capacity building in this field. Only properly educated professionals can set up and provide efficient and safe service. This training is an introduction to the topic of working with child sexual offenders, providing an understanding of basic concepts and existing interventions.

Last changed: 12.01.2023