Game: Make Together

This a great game to work on cooperation and becoming aware of controlling tendencies. Make together” is probably the easiest and most popular games for perpetrator programmes.

To play this game, you need a piece of paper for every 2 people (2 people, 1 piece; 4 people, 2 pieces; …). You will make a paper airplane in pairs but with only one hand each. The other hand should remain behind your back during the whole process until the plane is flying.

After each pair is finished with their airplane, the whole group launches the planes together. Do the planes fly well? Is there anybody who wants to redo their airplane? How did the work in your pair go? Was there space for both of you to propose strategies? How did you negotiate and decide how to proceed? How did you decide on each move? What do you need to make good airplanes that fly well?

This game should lead the men into a discussion about cooperation, collaboration, communication, trusting each other, being insecure, and having to accept the other’s moves. During this conversation, you can gradually start introducing the question of dominance. Dominant behaviours can make it impossible to build a simple paper airplane and thus any kind of healthy relationship. No flying, no playfulness. But the good news is thanks to this game, you will be able to try again, analyse this very simple process, and define a strategy with your partner. This allows an interesting discussion on consent, as well.

Try our little game and tell us what you found out and how the process was for you! With our manual, you can discover a more detailed description of how to facilitate this game, as well as fun variations to try.

Last changed: 16.05.2024