Motivational Interviewing for Perpetrator Programmes

Start a process of change

Upcoming Training Dates

12 & 22 November, 9:00-16:00 CET (time subject to change)

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Learn How To

  • Use motivational interviewing techniques
  • Uncover clients' motivations to change
  • Build a respectful relationship without collusion
  • Overcome perpetrator resistance

The Course

As practitioners leading perpetrator programmes, we know how challenging, but incredibly crucial it is to uncover a client's motivation to change their behavior. Motivational interviewing is a powerful tool that enables you to support and follow your clients through their process of change. Implemented in perpetrator programs across the globe it has shown meaningful results.

This two-day training is highly practice-based, whils still offering relevant theoretical frameworks. Participants will discuss questions such as:

  • What are the basics of motivational interviewing and why is it relevant for perpetrator programmes?
  • How and why do people change?
  • How do you overcome resistance against change?
  • What approaches, interventions and techniques show good results?

Last changed: 13.10.2021