Campaigning plays a crucial role in our collective fight against domestic and gender-based violence. It is the tool to amplify our messages, educate our communities, and ultimately create a safer and more equal society.

With our members and project partners, we regularly conduct international campaigns, which we present here. We have also gathered campaign materials developed across our initiatives for you to use and adapt.

Campaigning resources

Multi-language flyers, leaflets, postcards, stickers and more for your to discover and adapt

Campaigning resourcesCampaigning resources

#ResponsibleTogether campaign

Campaign to highlight the role of perpetrator programmes and men in ending gender-based violence

#ResponsibleTogether campaign#ResponsibleTogether campaign

DeStalk campaign

A national awareness-raising campaign in Italy on digital violence and ways out of technology-facilitated abuse

DeStalk campaignDeStalk campaign

CONSENT campaign

Campaign on consent and healthy sexuality to help young people, parents and educators understand and address sensitive topics

CONSENT campaignCONSENT campaign