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Annual Conference 2024: 10 years of change - Exploring next frontiers of ending domestic violence

The conference will focus on how perpetrator work has changed since the network's founding and lay the groundwork for an even more impactful future.

We will also take a closer look at intimate partner violence in LGBTQ+ relationships and women’s use of force against their male partners. We will explore similarities and differences to male violence in heterosexual relationships and gain a greater sensitivity to the specific needs of female clients in heterosexual relationships and LGBTQ+ clients.

21-23 October

Conference programme
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  • Fully reimbursed members (conference & catering): 0€
  • Self-payers (conference & catering): 170€
  • Anniversary celebration (more information below): 30€


We have some exciting updates on the conference programme and confirmed our two keynote speakers:

  • Experienced researcher and trainer Melissa Scaia from the US will speak on working with women who use force against their partner
  • Renowned researcher Prof. Catherine Donovan from the UK will be speaking to us about her research on violence in LGBTQ+ relationships

Additionally, we are happy to announce that Melissa Scaia will be holding an extended workshop for all participants on women’s use of force.

Anniversary celebration: 2024 is WWP EN’s 10th birthday!

To celebrate this special year, we will have a night of good food, dancing, and feminist comedy on 22 October at a beautiful location in central Berlin (see the venue: video 1, video 2, video 3). We ask for a small amount (30€, bookable upon registration) for the celebration to ensure we can have a fun event worthy of the amazing work of the past decade. We hope you decide to join us and look forward to dancing with you in Berlin.

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Antonia Montanus

Membership & Reporting Manager