How to identify and respond to high-risk domestic violence perpetrators

Have you identified a high-risk perpetrator in your programme? What comes next? Many programmes find it difficult to determine if a perpetrator is high-risk, let alone decide how to respond if he is.

In this webinar, we will discuss tools your programme can use to understand the level of risk your client poses to his partners. We will also discover the practical aspects of different European models and approaches of responding to men who pose a high risk of harming their partners.

2 July

16:00-17:00 CET

Microsoft Teams


The speakers

Berta Vall Castelló

Berta Vall Castelló, PhD has joined WWP EN as the Research and Development Manager. Based in Spain, she is in charge of developing the IMPACT project, and coordinating the research on it. She is also responsible for the development of other projects and research areas. Berta brings great expertise to the team in project development and in research and data analysis in the fields of psychology, and intimate partner violence.

Nóra Regös

Nóra Regös has a Master's degree in Sociology and in Public Policy. In the last 5-6 years, she focused on victim support working with victims of domestic violence and since 2022 with victims of human trafficking (women and girls in prostitution) as a helpline operator, support group facilitator and social worker providing trauma-informed psychosocial support. She is also involved in training professionals on GBVAWG, with a special focus on risk assessment and safety planning. She is committed to creating a safer, non-violent environment for women and girls, and for all.