Working group reports

2017 Good Practice report

As a follow up to the 2016 mapping, the working group sent out a survey to WWP EN members asking them to share their current practices. The document shows good practice principles and how our members practically implement survivor safety and cooperation with victim support services.

The report was compiled and written by Atila Uligaj and Natalia Batenkova.

WWP EN 2017 Report on Member Organisations’ Good Practice in Victim Safety, (Ex)Partner Support and Partnerships

2016 Mapping report

In 2016, WWP EN set up a working group to focus on survivor safety in perpetrator work. The group sent out a questionnaire which asked about how organisations dealt with

  • (ex)partner support;
  • how the programme ensures victim safety in practical ways
  • links between organisations and other sectors.

Atila Uligaj, Natalia Batenkova and Nina George compiled and analysed the data.

Building and strengthening partnerships in work with perpetrators to prevent violence against women and children support.