The IMPACT Toolkit takes the evaluation process one step further than any other perpetrator programme evaluation. It is the first tool to measure a change of the impact of violent/abusive behaviour as stated by the male programme participants and their (ex-) partners. The toolkit allows you to monitor and measure your programme outcomes in a standardized way, which you can use for funding applications and to lobby at a local and national level.

The outcomes you can evaluate with the IMPACT Toolkit are:

  • Behaviour and attitude changes in clients
  • Survivor safety and well-being
  • Changes in the lives of children, as perceived by the parents
  • Achievement of the hopes of clients and their partners/ex-partners

Data is gathered at first contact (T0), the beginning of the programme (T1), halfway through the programme (T2), the end of the programme (T3) and at a six month follow-up after the programme is finished (T4). Both the male participants in the domestic violence intervention programme and their female (ex-)partners fill out the questionnaires and thus give an insight into changes over time.

Want to start using the toolkit?

Contact Berta Vall Castelló to let her know that you are interested and share your needs regarding evaluation

Last changed: 09.04.2024