While the WWP EN office is in the vibrant European metropolis of Berlin, the WWP EN staff work from different European countries, such as Italy, Germany and Great Britain. Take a moment to get to know our staff and please contact us with any questions you might have.

Jeannette Bongé (Finances & Administration)

After studying business administration, Jeannette gained experience in assisting executives and in event management for more than 19 years. For over twelve years she worked as an administrative assistant to the managment of various associations and as a project manager in the organisation of events in the field of adult education. Her greatest concern is that children grow up healthy, educated and without violence in their lives.

E-mail to: jeannette.bonge(at)

Berta Vall Castelló, PhD (Research & Development)

Berta Vall Castelló, PhD has joined WWP EN as the Research and Development Manager. Based in Spain, she is in charge of developing the IMPACT project, and coordinating the research on it. She is also responsible for the development of other projects and research areas. Berta brings great expertise to the team in project development and in research and data analysis in the fields of psychology, and intimate partner violence.

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Francesca Elsey (Communications)

Francesca completed her studies in German and Political Science at the University of Leeds in 2017. Whilst there, she took a strong interest in gender-based challenges and intersectional approches to political theory. She is passionate about gender equality and ending harmful perpetuations of patriarchal norms. After moving to Berlin in 2018, she worked in journalism before joining WWP EN’s communications team.

E-Mail to: francesca.elsey(at)

Marc Gärtner, PhD (MiC Project)

Marc Gärtner lives in Berlin and works as a sociologist at the Institute of Men and Gender Research in Graz/Austria. He researches, teaches and advises mainly on the topics of work, organisation and gender. Marc cooperates with organisations in politics, science, business and NGOs in Germany, Austria and other EU countries. He regularly publishes on topics such as diversity management, work-life issues and organisations and is co-author of the first European comparative Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality. His academic background is in cultural studies, history and social sciences, which he studied in Marburg/Lahn and Bremen. Marc holds a Ph.D. from Free University of Berlin.

E-Mail to: marc.gaertner(at)

Anna McKenzie (Communications)

Anna completed her studies in Cultural and Social Anthropology with focus on gender in 2015 with her thesis on masculinities. She soon started working in the area of domestic violence prevention before moving from Vienna to Berlin to pursue an MA in Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Humboldt University. She thinks that too many lives have been touched by patriarchal violence and wants to help end the spread of harmful societal ideals.

Email to: anna.mckenzie(at)

Antonia Montanus (Membership & Reporting)

Antonia’s professional background is in the field of conflict, development and psychology. In her studies and later work, she dealt with diverse forms of violence and became interested in its psychosocial causes and effects, which led her to WWP EN. She has worked as a project manager in the area of peace development and psychosocial support to Human Rights defenders with a specific focus on Latin America. Prior to that, she was involved with children’s rights work in Nicaragua and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Antonia holds an MA in Conflict, Development and Security from Lancaster University, UK, and an MA in Social Psychology from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

E-mail to: antonia.montanus(at)

Alessandra Pauncz, PhD (Executive Director)

Alessandra has been working in the field of domestic violence for 20 years and has covered many areas of expertise. She has advocated and worked for victims of domestic violence as a shelter worker, psychologist, researcher, manager, trainer, and in fund and conscious raising at a local (Association Artemisia), provincial (Equal Opportunities of the Province of Florence), regional, national and European level (European Women’s Lobby & WWP-EN). She founded and ran the first Centre in Italy working with perpetrators (CAM – Centre for abusive men), and set up the National Italian Network of work with perpetatrors (Relive). Additionally, Alessandra has published articles and books for the general public (Shifting power: Romano, 2012,; Da uomo a uomo: Erickson, 2015; Dire di no alla violenza domestica: Angeli, 2016).

E-mail to: alessandra.pauncz(at)

Ralf Puchert, PhD (Project Development)

Before helping establish WWP EN, Ralf was the CEO of Dissens e.V., a German non-profit organisation, doing (European) research and development projects on masculinities and gender issues, which he co-founded in 1989.

Since his experience in a men´s group in the 80s, he is a researcher, activist and manager in the area of men and gender equality with a special focus on violence prevention. His work involves the research areas: masculinites and violence, prevention, work, and (gender) equality. 

Email to: ralf.puchert(at) 

Dietlind Schröder (Finances & Administration)

Following an education in economics, Dietlind worked in foreign trade enterprises for a long time. Afterwards, she was employed in the field of tax consulting and finally handled all things concerning accounting and staff administration in a company near Berlin. Additionally, she worked as a freelancer accountant for several printing and craft firms. As a reliable member of the WWP EN team, Dietlind keeps track of all financial and administrative tasks.

Email to: dietlind.schroeder(at)

Dahlia Vakili (Researcher & Trainer FOMEN Project)

Daliah has a MSc degree in Violence, Conflict and Development from the School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS, University of London) and has been working in the humanitarian field as a Gender Empowerment, Equality & Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) advisor, specialized on refugee assistance in Lesvos as well as Sahel and MENA region. She’s experienced in working with with SGBV and human trafficking victims under heavy environments and uses an intersectional approach in her work where she aims for justice and equality for all.

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