WWP EN Event Recordings

WWP EN regularly provides online workshops, presentations and webinars. You can find all past event recordings in this section of the website.

Send us an e-mail if you have any further questions. We look forward to meeting you at future events!

Event Recordings 2023

  • Webinar: Educational Sabotage - A form of abuse against children and youth with potentially long-term consequences
  • Webinar: Community matters - Mobilising the power of bystanders against gender-based violence
  • Webinar: Using Motivation to Decrease the Risk of IPV Recidivism – Lessons from Research at the University of Valencia
  • Webinar: Survivor-safety-oriented perpetrator work in Europe
  • Launch event: Introducing the European Standards for Perpetrator Programmes

Event Recordings 2022

  • Workshop: Young men's intimate partner violence - How can we respond?
  • Webinar: Child & Adolescent to Parent Violence & Abuse (CAPVA) - What is it & how can we stop it?
  • Webinar: Who cares? Including men in conversations about care work and domestic violence
  • Launch Event: Scripting Violence, Rehearsing Change - Games & theatrical tools for the work with perpetrators of gender-based violence
  • Workshop: Multi-institutionelle Zusammenarbeit zum Schutz gewaltbetroffener älterer Frauen*
  • Workshop: Never too late - protecting older women from DV, holding older men to account

Event Recordings 2021

  • Roundtable: Do Perpetrator Programmes Work?
  • Webinar: National Lobbying for Funding and Change: GREVIO Shadow Reporting
  • Launch Event: WWP EN's COVID-19 Revision of Practice Toolkit
  • Webinar: Learning Lessons and Developing Tools to Tackle Cyberviolence
  • Roundtable: PRIA-MA and virtual reality – What can we learn from Spanish approaches to perpetrator programmes in prison and probation?
  • Webinar: Men and Boys - Their crucial involvement to end FGM/C
  • Annual Conference 2021: Migration & Barriers to Perpetrator Work

Event Recordings 2020

  • Annual Conference 2020: Prison, Probation & Perpetrator Programmes – Collaboration for Change
  • COVID-19 Mini Conference
  • Webinar: Perpetrator work with(in) migrant populations – A perspective on anti-racist and culturally sensitive approaches
  • Webinar: Domestic Violence and the “Internet of Things” – Exploring technology-facilitated abuse
  • Workshop: Same Violence, New Tools - How to work on cyber violence with violent men
  • Webinar: Stalkerware - An invisible threat on your phone
  • Webinars: Building Bridges & Exchanging Practice on Work with Perpetrators - Europe & Latin America

Event Recordings 2019

  • Webinar: Screening for Men's Use of Sexualised Violence in the Context of Domestic Violence
  • Webinar: Training Frontline Professionals to Engage Male Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
  • Webinar: Step by Step - Men's Accountability Towards Women as an Ongoing Process
  • Webinar: Rape Crisis Centres and the Special Role of Sexual Violence in Perpetrator Work

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