WWP EN Guidelines, Policies & Manuals

WWP EN European Standards for Perpetrator Work

The WWP EN European Standards for Perpetrator Programmes prioritise survivor safety and well-being, recognising the importance of integrating survivor perspectives into the work with men who use violence. They define the minimum requirements for safe and effective work with adult male perpetrators of intimate partner violence against their female partners. Find out more

WWP EN Guidelines: Addressing Sexualised Violence in Perpetrator Work

Perpetrator work is now well established across many parts of Europe. However, addressing sexualised violence in perpetrator programmes remains one of the areas in which professionals need support and guidance to do high quality work. Download the guidelines here

WWP EN Guidelines: Working with Male Migrants & Refugees in Perpetrator Work

These guidelines are for professionals already trained in addressing gender-based violence and include guidance on terminology, cultural sensitivity, and addressing power imbalances. Download the guidelines here

COVID-19 Guidelines

These guidelines are tailored to the special circumstances of perpetrator programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the regular WWP EN Guidelines for Standards above. Download the COVID-19 guidelines here

WWP EN Guidelines: Develop Standards for Safe & Victim-Centred Perpetrator Work

Guidelines for standards are necessary to assure the quality of effective and safe work with perpetrators of domestic violence. The safety for victims is a priority and interventions should ensure that the work does not endanger women or children. Download the guidelines here

WWP EN Accountability Framework

“Accountability” is an important ethic in perpetrator work at all levels of the delivery of perpetrator programmes. Download the framework here

Child Protection Policy

Children are often overlooked in domestic violence interventions, yet they are the most vulnerable to abuse. Download our comprehensive child protection policy here

Manual: How to work with violent men on cyber violence

Digital or cyber violence is a growing concern for perpetrator programmes. Our manual includes an introduction to the topic and practical advice how to address it. Download it here

Manual: Scripting violence, rehearsing change - Games and theatrical tools

Breaking resistance and challenging denial can become easier by using games and other interactive techniques. Our manual "Scripting violence, rehearsing change - Games and theatrical tools to work with perpetrators of gender-based violence" offers an introduction to the topic and many games to try right away. Download it here

Last changed: 16.05.2024