WWP EN Training

Only well-educated professionals can provide safe, effective and accountable perpetrator work.

Upcoming Training: New training courses will be announced in 2023

At WWP EN, we believe that access to high quality, practice-based training by experienced perpetrator work professionals is crucial to developing your practice.

We offer courses for professionals already working or starting to work in perpetrator programmes. All of our training ís aligned with the provisions of the Istanbul Convention, our Guidelines to Develop Standards for Safe & Victim-Centred Perpetrator Work and evidence-based practice. To ensure the quality of our training, we regularly evaluate participant feedback. All training is conducted by the hand-picked European experts of our roster of trainers.

Join thousands of professionals around the globe who have improved their perpetrator work with our support.

WWP EN Training is based on best practice, latest research and high quality standards of work. Our trainers offer a pan-European perspective, which enables them to offer information and build competences that are applicable in the context of any European country or organisation. All our training can be organised online or in-person.

We're currently not offering the training you're interested in or you couldn’t find the training you need? Reach out to Sandra for your customised training experience at a competitive price!

Last changed: 07.03.2023