WWP Events

The network organises three different networking events each year: The annual workshop, the thematic meeting and the study visit. Until 2016, WWP EN organised regional meetings which were now replaced by the thematic meetings. Additionally, WWP EN offers diverse webinars throughout the year.

The WWP EN Annual Workshop is an important event for central actors of the European perpetrator work scene. Presentations on relevant issues and training workshops further knowledge-exchange, while face-to-face-contact and diverse networking opportunities strengthens the personal bonding and the level of trust among the participants. The annual workshops enable mutual learning and support, as well as the evaluation of activities and progress in the work of member organisations.

Non-members are welcome to attend the Annual Workshop. If you are interested in attending the Annual Workshop, simply send an e-mail to info(at)work-with-perpetrators.eu and we will answer any questions you have.

    WWP EN Annual Conference

    Once a year, at the WWP EN Annual Conference, all our members come together to learn and grow - during three, fully reimbursed days in one of our member countries, we get the chance to exchange best practice in engaging workshops, discuss current events in Europe, hear about WWP EN activities and make decisions about the future of the network.

      WWP EN Campaign

      Since 2018, WWP EN members are invited to participate in the decentralised European campaign #ResponsibleTogether during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. The campaign makes our members more visibile, embeds them in a trans-European context and shows their engagement to a violence-free world.

      WWP EN Study Visits

      Another highlight of the WWP EN year are the WWP EN Study Visits. For several days a year, seven member organisations get an intimate insight into the perpetrator work being done internationally, giving them the chance to develop a deeper understanding of the models of, and challenges and opportunities for perpetrator work across Europe.

      WWP EN Webinars

      We are very proud of our WWP EN Webinars, which take place four times a year and introduce our members to cutting-edge research, practical training and expert insights. We also encourage members to use our webinars to share their knowledge with a wider audience - granting European visibility to them and their innovative approaches.

      Last changed: 20.10.2020