WWP EN Perpetrator Programme Database

Use the WWP EN Perpetrator Programme Database to find experts on work with perpetrators, as well as countless work with perpetrator programmes throughout Europe!

This database brings together information on perpetrator programmes throughout Europe. It is a useful tool for practitioners and researchers to find partners for project applications or for studies.

If you want to make changes to the information on your programme, please contact Anna.

Due to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we had to remove the WWP EN Perpetrator Programme Database from our website and gather consent forms for all programmes listed. Accordingly, we are constantly updating the information available.

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To join the WWP EN database, fill out the data consent form and questionnaire and send them to Anna with a few sentences about your programme!

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Programme Country City Organisation
Counseling Line for Men and Boys (CLMB) Albania Tirana Counseling Line for Women and Girls (CLWG)
Counselling Programme for Boys and Man who use acts of violence Albania Shkodër Office for men and boys (ZDB) at Gruaja tek Gruaja (Woman to Woman)
Anti-Violence Programme Vienna Austria Vienna Domestic Violence Intervention Centre Vienna
Dialogworkshops, Soziales Kompetenztraining Austria Salzburg Institut für Männergesundheit Salzburg
Training programme for men using violence against their female partners and/or children Austria Graz Verein für Männer- und Geschlechterthemen, Steiermark - Association for Men’s and Gender Issues, Styria
Wiener Anti-Gewalt-Programm Austria Wien Männerberatung Wien
Association of citizen VIVE ŽENE Bosnia and Herzegovina Tuzla Association of citizen VIVE ŽENE
Men's Center Bosnia and Herzegovina Modrica Association of Citizens “Buducnost”
Psychosocial treatment of perpetrators Bosnia and Herzegovina Tuzla UG Vive Zene
Programme for work with perpetrators Bulgaria Targovishte Association “Association NAIA”
PSTN – psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence Croatia Pula Udruga Lux Vitae
Psihosocijalni tretman počinitelja nasilja u obitelj (Psychosocial treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence) Croatia Zagreb Dom Duga Zagreb, Home for children and adult victims of domestic violence
Psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence Croatia Zagreb Društvo za psihološku pomoć (SPA)
Psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence Croatia Rijeka U.Z.O.R
Psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence Croatia Zagreb Home for children and adult victims of domestic violence “Duga-Zagreb”
Love Without Hurt Cyprus Nicosia Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family
Union Women Center Georgia Engage Men in Prevention DV
Beratung für Männer – gegen Gewalt Counselling for men – against violence Germany Berlin Volkssolidarität LV Berlin e.V
Fachstelle Gewaltprävention Brandenburg Germany Berlin/Brandenburg Berliner Zentrum für Gewaltprävention (BZFG) e.V.
Work with Perpetrators in Crete Greece Heraklion UNION OF WOMEN ASSOCIATION OF HERAKLION
CAMBIAMENTO MASCHILE Italy Montebelluna Una Casa Per L'Uomo
Centro Trattamento Uomini Maltrattanti (CMT) Italy Forlì Associazione Culturale DELFI
Centro di Ascolto Uomini Maltrattanti (CAM) Onlus Italy Florence Centro di Ascolto Uomini Maltrattanti (CAM) Onlus
LDV Center Italy Modena Azienda Usl di Modena
Network of different perpetrator programmes Italy Florence Associazione - Relazioni Libere dalle Violenza (Relive)
Counseling sessions with perpetrator methodology Kosovo Prishtine Center for Counseling, social services and research - SIT
Assistance and Counseling of Family Aggressors Moldova Drochia Artemida
Alternativ til Vold ("Alternative to Violence") Norway Oslo Alternativ til Vold ATV ("Alternative to Violence")
Duluth Therapy Poland Olsztynek Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Działań na Rzecz Osób Potrzebujących Pomocy DROGA
Agression Control/Passport for freedom/Stop Violence Romania Oradea Oradea Penitentiary
Passport to freedom Romania Oradea Oradea Penitentiary
Alternative Russia St Petersburg Men of the 21st Century
Treatment in groups for perpetrators Sweden Uppsala Reception against domestic violence - MVU
FVGS Switzerland Bern Fachverband Gewaltberatung Schweiz - FVGS
KONFLIKT.GEWALT. Beratung und Therapie Switzerland St.Gallen, Zurich, Weinfelden, Rapperswil, Chur, Schaffhausen KONFLIKT.GEWALT.
Perpetrator Programme Ukraine Lviv Osonnya
Evolve - DVPP United Kingdom Northamptonshire Eve domestic abuse
Lancashire Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme United Kingdom Preston Relate Lancashire
Make the Change United Kingdom Blackburn BDDWA The Wish Centre
The Caledonian System United Kingdom Edinburgh Community Justice Scotland


The WWP EN Programme Database aims at getting an overview of existing programmes working with perpetrators of domestic violence in Europe.

The basis for the database was developed during the IMPACT project in 2013. The results of this survey are documented in a Working Paper

Registering to the database is mandatory for programmes that want to use the IMPACT Online Toolkit.

Last changed: 29.09.2022