Annual Reports

At the end of each year, WWP EN publishes an annual report giving an overview of the network activities and including the newest developments throughout the past year. The annual reports are documents we proudly publish to show the ongoing development of the organisation.

National Reports

In 2016 and 2017, WWP EN collected national reports from across Europe in order to provide an overview of the most pressing issues connected to work with perpetrators in Europe. The national reports provide a snapshot of the key concerns of those involved in the provision of interventions for perpetrators of domestic violence across the EU. The documents also report on the progress that has been made towards the implementation of Article 16 of the Istanbul Convention in these countries. Below you can download the reports.

Working Group Reports

Here, you can learn more about and download the WWP EN mapping report on "Building and strengthening partnerships in work with perpetrators to prevent violence against women and children", as well as the follow-up report on best practice in member's cooperation with women's support services. Both reports are a result of the WWP EN working group on collaboration with women's support services.

Last changed: 13.04.2023