The network website provides various helpful resources such as a European work with perpetrator programme database, guidelines to develop standards and best practice papers on documentation and evaluation for responsible perpetrator work. Our Communication Manager assembles a quarterly newsletter to distribute information on conferences, interesting research and other useful tools, as well as the latest developments within the network. You can sign up for the newsletter here. Our Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account and LinkedIn company page ensure that we are close to the general public to further the image of perpetrator work, show the network's feminist orientation and launch campaigns.


The network promotes and undertakes research and innovation in the field of the work with people who perpetrate violence in close relationships. The WWP Project (2006) laid the basis for the foundation of the network in 2009 by developing the network's guidelines. Subsequently, the IMPACT Project (2013/14) developed a free-to-use toolkit for good evaluation practice. For more information on the WWP EN Impact Outcome Toolkit contact Berta Vall:


Networking events gather practitioners in the area of perpetrator work and victim support, researchers, as well as policy makers, in order to strengthen personal connections and discuss important issues. Additionally, WWP EN arranges study visits giving practitioners the opportunity to experience the practical work of programmes in other European countries. Online and face-to-face trainings guarantee state-of-the-art knowledge-exchange. For more information on WWP EN events, simply follow this link.

Campaigning and Lobbying

In 2018, we launched our annual perpetrator work campaign "Responsible Together" and will continue to engage members in campaigning around different topics. In the past years, we have raised awareness about perpetrator work, sexualised violence, cyberviolence and culturally sensitive perpetrator programmes. Find out more here.


If you have any questions that aren't answered on our website, please contact us at info(at)

Last changed: 07.03.2023