#ResponsibleTogether Events

Our members have been very busy during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-BAsed Violence and we want to share impressions from the different events with you!

Awareness Raising

To raise awareness about perpetrator work and the campaign, the Anti-Violence Network of Georgia (AVNG) took to the streets in Tbilisi and shared the perpetrator test postcards. See more below!

Talk on Intimate Partner Violence

Together with Association Key (center against human trafficking) and the SOS Helpline, WWP EN member Association for Non-Violent Communication (DNK) organised an evening talking about the dynamics of intimate partner violence (IPV), how IPV starts, what to do against it and how to talk about it.

Conference on Children and Custody

There was an overwhelming interest in DNKs event on children and custody. More than one hundred interested citizens had to be turned away. Due to the incredible repsonse, DNK is considering holding several more events on the topic.

Press Conference

Before the start of the campaign, APHVF invited local and national news to a press conference to tell them all about their organisation and programmes.Check out the pictures below to see more! 

Training for Volunteers

Daras Zangoulos, Social Welfare Services Officer, and Ms. Alexia Patriotis, Police Officer, informed volunteers  about the role of the Social Welfare Services and the Police in dealing with cases of domestic violence.

Christmas Fair

Fitting with the pre-holiday time, APHVF organised a Christmas Fair to raise funds for their projects. Check out the pictures to see all the fun they had!

Fair with Handmade Presents

To raise funds for their programmes, Buducnost had a great idea! They organised a fair to sell handmade presents by women living in their shelters. See the pictures below for some of the things sold.

Open Day at Shelter

When it comes to shelters, women are sometimes afraid of what will await them or there is a false sense of what a women's shelter is like in the public. Buducnost organised an open day at their women's shelter so show what living there is really like. See the pictures for insights.

Street Action "Responsible Together"

During their street action in Modrica, Buducnost had the chance to discuss their work and organisation with Bosnian media.
They also talked to locals and even though they were a bit scared at first, the postcard we designed for the campaign managed to break the ice and open the door for conversations around violence, perpetrator work, their men's center and WWP EN.

Check out their (Bosnian) blog entry or video from the event. 

Workshop with Men from the Community

In their workshop, Buducnost talked to local men about different forms of violence against women and how this effects both their and their partners' lives. Take a look at the pictures and see how it went!

For a video of the event and a great article on Buducnost and the WWP EN campaign in Bosnian, go here.

If you want to see and hear more from CAM Firenze, check out the Instagram takeover they did on our Instagram page.

Zitta! Film Screening

As part of the Florence Human Rights Film Festival, CAM Firenze organised a film screening of "Zitta!" a collection of short films showing different stories around intimate partner violence. Afterwards, Alessandra Pauncz, WWP EN Executive Director, participated in a panel and had a chance to share information on their perpetrator programme and organisation.

Pistoia against Gender-Based Violence

CAM Firenze organised an evening for the citizens of Pistoia. During the event, they talked about gender-based violence, their organisation and the "Responsible Together" campaign.

Citizens against Violence

At the Library Civica in Calenzalo, Florence, CAM Firenze were part of a reading and discussion on gender-based violence, violence prevention and perpetrator work.

Training for Health Service of Empoli

During this training, Alessandra and Mario from CAM Firenze had the chance to promote their organisation and the campaign in front of health workers from Empoli.

Working with Migrant Communities

Rossano and Stella from CAM Firenze had the chance to speak to members from different migrant communities about issues they face when working against gender-based violence.

Let us live!

Let us live! Freely, self-determined and without violence!

Almost every other week a woman in Austria dies as a result of domestic violence. In 2018, according to media reports, 32 women were killed by their (ex-)partners or family members. There is a significant increase in high-risk cases and femicides in Austria.

At the beginning of the 16 days against violence against women and girls, the Austrian Alliance For A Life Free From Violence built a living memorial for women and girls who have died as a result of gender-based violence.

A case that has been particularly troubling us in recent months is the murder of a 15-year-old girl by her brother in Vienna in September 2017. There were signs that pointed to the dangerous nature of the situation. The girl had tried to free herself from the violence of her family twice and had even filed a police complaint – but she did not get the help she needed! As in so many other cases, her murder could have been prevented!

In an action of living resistance, we dedicated a tree on Reumannplatz, in the 10th district of Vienna (the district where the girl used to live) to murdered women and girls. Colourful bands, printed with supportive messages and demands were wrapped around the tree’s trunk and branches. The tree is supposed to represent the women’s will to lead a self-determined life free from violence. Passer-bys were asked to add their own wishes, memories, messages for themselves, other women or victims of violence and to attach them to the tree. Information on violent protection, shelters and specialist support services were also placed on the tree, to be picked off by passer-bys.

We demand better protection and support measures for victims of gender-based violence. We also  commemorated all other victims of gender-based violence and said: Let us live - freely, self-determined and without violence!

The Alliance For A Life Free From Violence is a cooperation between over 30 Austrian NGOs and civil society oranisations lobbying for a full implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Austria.

DUGA-Zagreb & DPP/SPA (Croatia)

Round Table on Collaboration and Perpetrator Work

To promote the campaign, DUGA-Zagreb and DPP/SPA organised a round table with Dean Ajduković (SPA), Tatjana Katkić Stanić (Head of the Sector for Policy Coordination and Promotion of Professional Activities of the Centers for Social Welfare), Maja Mamula („Woman's Room“ Coordinator), Dubravka Vujnović Radaković (Home Duga – Zagreb), Tanja Brozić Perić (Centre for Social Welfare, Zagreb).

They discussed important problems, such as a lack of funding for work against domestic violence, but also upcoming positive changes allowing for perpetrator work in social welfare centers.

Street Action

During this street action, the organisations talked to citizens about the problem of domestic violence and to point out the importance of centers for psycho-social treatment. The activity was supported by the City of Zagreb and three women's support services (Ženska pomoć sada, B.a.B.e., Ženska soba). About 500 flyers and postcards were distributed druing the day and since the advent fair in the center of Zagreb was already in existence, there was a great turnout!

Workshop for Priests, Pastors and Pastoral Workers

This workshop was the first step in cooperation of our program with the churches. The participants showed great interest in this topics. Especially they were interested in screening of the film "A Better Man" in their parishes in the future and in continued disscusion about this topic.

Charity Concert: The Beatles Experience

We are sure the SOS Center in Prague had a lot of fun during this 16 Days activity. Check out the pictures below to see what you missed ;)

Screening A Better Man

For the campaign, the SOS Center in Prague organised a screening of the film "A Better Man" includig sign language interpreters and subtitles to reach out to the deaf community. A great event!

The League of Open Men wasn't able to organise any activities. However, they spread the news about the campaign widely in various Czech media, resulting in much attention for perpetrator programmes and WWP EN.

Read the Czech articles here, here, here, here, here and here

National Conference

The national Italian network for perpetrator work held their national conference during the 16 Days of Violence. Among other things, they agreed on shared standards. Congratulations!!!

Press Conference

Sharing news on the campaign and their organisation, U.Z.O.R. organised a press conference in their beautiful city of Rijeka, Croatia.

Final Conference for Project Lady

Porjcet Lady focused on violence against elderly women and thankfully the end of project conference took place during the 16 Days, enabling U.Z.O.R. to share the story of four elderly women and their experiences with domestic violence, as well as the ongoing campaign.

Evening of Music and Poetry

Together with a Macedonian minority support group, U.Z.O.R. organised an evening of music and poetry. Check out the pictures for some impressions!

WtW/ZDB (Albania)

Want to see more of Woman to Woman and ZDB? Check out their instagram takeover on our profile!

Youth Forum

The Youth Forum on "Gender Equality is a Human Right" focused on addressing issues related to gender equality, interventions in the prevention of domestic violence, and the role of women in the family and society. The forum addressed specific issues related to the role of men in the engagement and promotion of gender equality. Academic and practical approaches of the various themes enabled students to be informed about psycho-social and legal aspects of gender equality and the role of each gender in reducing domestic violence. This forum was organized by ZDB & WtW in cooperation with the Shkodër Youth Parliament, with the participation of the "Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination" of the Municipality of Shkodër.

University Workshop


During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the Center for Men and Boys organised a workshop on "Engagement of Men and Boys: Condition for the Promotion of Gender Equality". This workshop sensitized young men for the importance of active involvement of men and boys in the movement for gender equality and promotion of women's rights. They also learned about methods and actions that men and boys can take, best practices from different countries, etc. The workshop additionally promoted the #ResponsibleTogether campaign to show the role that part perpetrator programmes play in fighting gender-based violence. The participants committed actively take part in the 16 Days campaign through the motto "Responsible Together" and take their responsibility to end violence against women and girls.

For a news report on the workshop, go here.

Trio March

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against GVB, "Woman to Woman" and ZDB, in cooperation with the Youth Social Club and the gymnasiums of Shkodër, organized TRIO- #TëPërgjegjshëmsëBashku. The trio march started from three main points of the city, and then the groups finished near the Shkodër city hall. These young people emphasized their desire to contribute to community awareness, promotion of initiatives and actions to prevent violence against women, strengthening of cooperation between local actors responsible for implementing the law against domestic violence. The activity evoked the curiosity and desire of people to join in fighting against violence in our country. Also, the launch of the three separate groups and then their union shows that each of us can raise the voice to say STOP VIOLENCE, but that together we are stronger in the fight.

Photoshoot in Shkodër

The activity was organized in the city's main square, and invited citizens to become members of the #ResponsibleTogether Campaign through the Instant Photo Shoot frame with the motto "Responsible Together" and "Hear Me Too". The instant pictures were printed in two copies, one for the citizen and one pinned in the big board placed in the square. The citizens held a message against Gender Based Violence and also shared their framed picture with the message on their social media. Check out the pictures to see how it went and what people shared!

Photo Exhibition

The "Men that Love" photo exhibition was organized by “The Office for Boys and Men” (ZDB)  and “Woman to Woman”, finalizing the marathon of activities developed during the 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

24 photos presented through the personal stories of 22 characters, stimulate and reinforce discussions around the positive realities of everyday life. Real-life characters, promoters of gender equality aimed to raise attention on the gender transformative roles, stimulating positive models of everyday life, particularly through focusing on the human relationships, displaying in different ways perceptions of gender equality and models of change, challenging masculinity and changing gender stereotypes in our society.

For a video report on the event, go here.

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