WWP EN Webinar

Working with the Media and Communication

Facilitator: Alessandra Pauncz

Webinar Details:

Programmes working with perpetrators and victims are part of a social change movement that aims to recognise the structural nature of violence against women as gender-based violence, and that violence against women is one of the central social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared to men.

Working on social change means not only providing services to perpetrators and victims but also being engaged in propelling society in combatting violence against women.

In a world dominated by the media, and one as fast paced as today’s, we need to reflect on how we are going to lend our practices to the promotion or exploitation of violence against women.

There is a serious risk of well intentioned journalists turning information into re-victimisation. Even interviews with perpetrators and the ways in which this kind of work is discussed can cross risky ethical lines.

The webinar is an occasion for reflecting on these issues and also for learning about how to effectively communicate with the media.

Here are some of the issues that will be discussed:

1. What is the context for discussing DV in your country?

2. Where are you and how do you build the next step?

3. Is there coverage of DV, and if yes, what are the media discussing, when and how?

4. Is your programme trying to promote a service or is it challenging gender inequality?

5. How to create strong content.

6. How to craft intelligent answers to silly questions. Mastering the art of interviews.


Alessandra Pauncz has been working in the field of domestic violence for the past 20 years. For 15 years as a women’s victim advocate and trainer and since 2009 she has founded the first Italian Centre for men that are abusive with their partners. She has over the years trained professionals of different areas: social services, health care providers, police and shelter and advocates and psychologists. She has also been working with the judicial system to help judges have a better understanding of violent relationship dynamics. She has published many articles and books and is a well known public speaker. She is President of the National Italian Association of Perpetrator Programmes - Relive and is a founding and board member of WWP-EN since the start.

Last changed: 04.02.2021